What Does Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Mean?

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Certified pre-owned or certified used vehicles are backed with warranty coverage and other products from the dealership or manufacturer, even though they are no longer considered new vehicles. These vehicles not only have to qualify to be certified with a thorough inspection, but also tend to be relatively new and low in miles. Here are a few benefits to consider when looking at our certified pre-owned inventory:

Cost of a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle:

Many people find certified pre-owned vehicles to be a great alternative to a new vehicle when considering the cost. Since the vehicle is used, it is less expensive than what it was, new. However, certified vehicles generally have low mileage, so you aren’t missing out on much of the life of the car. The main difference is more mileage on the vehicle than had it been new, and that the vehicle has had a previous owner.

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Enjoy key benefits of a new car when you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle

It’s important to note that a certified pre-owned vehicle may cost slightly more than a non-certified used vehicle; However, certified vehicles enjoy the manufacturer’s warranty, as well as other financing deals, unlike other used vehicles. This could mean paying far less on interest than you would when going through a private lender, while still purchasing a used vehicle.

Warranty Coverage:

Warranty coverage is a key benefit for purchasing the certified vehicle, and a benefit that is usually unheard of when purchasing a used car. Being able to enjoy the warranty in the event something breaks is one of the top reasons many consumers purchase a new vehicle in the first place. Having certified vehicles on the lot provides an opportunity for you to purchase a used vehicle, while still enjoying the manufacturer’s warranty and other possible extras. Because each vehicle was pre-owned, the specific warranty will be relative to the vehicle.

Qualifications to be a Certified Vehicle:

Not all used vehicles can be certified. In order to qualify, the vehicle is inspected thoroughly by the dealership and must pass the specific requirements set by the manufacturer, Toyota. From engine to tires to any sort of wear, the vehicle must be in tip-top shape, before being placed on the lot as a certified pre-owned vehicle. Because of that, purchasing a certified vehicle can give you the peace of mind that your vehicle has been inspected completely and any needed maintenance has been completed before it was even for sale.

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Since there are many qualifications a certified vehicle needs to meet, it is good to note that these vehicles are usually low in miles and relatively new

Curious what Certifed Pre-Owned Vehicles we Currently Have?

Whether you are looking for a new vehicle, certified pre-owned vehicle, or other used vehicle, explore our inventory in person or online to find the right fit for you. Enjoy a 5-star car-buying experience when you come to Berge Toyota or visit our express store, here, to complete your entire purchase online.

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Whatever vehicle you are looking for, we are here to help you find one that best meets the needs of you and your family. Certified Pre-owned vehicles are a great option to consider when looking for a vehicle.